BMW Service

Looking for a BMW service specialist and mechanic in Melbourne? We are your genuine BMW dealership alternative. We are a respected and highly rated BMW service located in Melbourne, VIC.

Our expert mechanics use only genuine or approved spare parts and high-quality lubricants to repair or service your BMW. 

Committed to transparency and professional servicing, we will chat to you before any work is done to ensure you understand fully what we are going to do before work is started.

Our BMW mechanics are trained in BMW services and techniques and use the latest technology and recommended practices, including work with on-board computers and electrical systems.

Our BMW Melbourne service protects your vehicle’s resale value by administering complete and client-tailored service checks.

Your BMW Service Includes

Our highly-trained, nationally accredited mechanics will perform a comprehensive service check on your BMW. This includes but is not limited to:

Replace engine oil and filter

Check brake fluid

Check drive belts

Check cooling system

Check air filter

Check battery electrolyte & fluids levels

Check all oil levels

Check steering and suspension components

Check exhaust systems

Check front and rear brakes

Check and adjust parking brake when necessary

Lubricate locks, hinges and latches

Check all seat belt components

Check all lights, wipers and tyre pressures

Check all fluid levels

Scan system for faults and print when necessary

Road test: Many BMW mechanics skip this important part, but we test your vehicle on a (short) drive to ensure it is operating smoothly on the road.

BMW Specialists

    Our BMW mechanics comply with the BMW service inclusive packages provided by your dealer, which include:

    • Annual vehicle checks
    • Oil change
    • All filters check
    • Spark plugs check

    Our mechanics’ training allows them to identify potential and existing problems with your machine, but they are also qualified to read your CBS (condition based servicing) key. Your CBS is different to your SII (service internal indicator), and we can read that too. Instead of monitoring your mileage and time since last service like the SII, the CBS monitors your vehicle’s components for wear and stores this data on its key. When you take a BMW with a CBS to us for a service, our team can read the key and tailor your service more specifically to your unique driving style, needs and usage as recorded on your CBS key.

    All of our BMW services end with a short road test to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy, ensuring your car is returned to you in pristine condition.

    We get to know our clients and we get to know their cars. With over 25 years in the business, we have grown our loyal customer base. We have found that by knowing them and their driving styles, we are better able to understand the issues that arise with their BMW. Our services are uniquely tailored to fit the cars that come in, giving our clients a fairer, more thorough and more expert service and repair.

    If your BMW needs a service or repair, look no further! Schedule an appointment with us today.

    We service all BMW models, including:

    • BMW 1 Series
    • BMW 2 Series
    • BMW 3 Series
    • BMW 4 Series


    • BMW 5 Series
    • BMW 6 Series
    • BMW 7 Series
    • BMW X Series
    • BMW Z4
    • BMW M Series
    • BMW i Range
    • BMW 8 Series


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