BMW Repairs

At Volks Affair, we are committed to providing the best BMW repairs and services we can. VACC-certified, our technicians combine the latest in BMW repair tools with their years of experience to deliver expert results.

As independent BMW mechanics, we use only genuine BMW or approved parts at our service centre. And as we are licensed with the Australian Refrigeration Council, we can also perform BMW air-conditioning repairs and services.

Our commitment to quality underpins everything we do. Whether performing an oil service or BMW transmission repair, our qualified technicians take time and care to give you the best BMW service in Melbourne.

Reliable, Transparent Quotes

Our commitment to quality BMW repair starts with our quotes, and we strive to make them as fair and as transparent as possible. Before any work will begin on your BMW, our specialists make sure you know what they recommend be done, why and how much. Our BMW quotes are based on industry standards, part costs and labour. If you have any questions about your BMW repair costs, our specialists will answer them.

Air-Conditioning Services and Repair

We are one of the few BMW repair shops that can also perform air-conditioning services and repairs. Accredited by the Australian Refrigeration Council, Volks Affair mechanics are air-conditioning experts. We can service and repair your BMW air-conditioning. For more information on our vehicle air-conditioning services, click here.

BMW Specialists

    We are experts in BMW repair. From air con and ABS to ECU and instrument clusters to sunroofs and stereos to transmission repair, our specialists have the skills, tools and experience to repair your prestige auto.
    The best way to keep repair costs down is to have your BMW serviced annually. A regular service allows our technicians to know your car, identify any future problem areas and current concerns. Servicing also allows us to fix issues early, before any damage exerts extra pressure on the rest of your vehicle. All of our BMW services include fluid and oil changes, safety checks and an on-road test. Visit our BMW services page for more information.

    If your BMW needs a service or repair, look no further! Schedule an appointment with us today.

    We repair all BMW models, including:

    • BMW 1 Series
    • BMW 2 Series
    • BMW 3 Series
    • BMW 4 Series


    • BMW 5 Series
    • BMW 6 Series
    • BMW 7 Series
    • BMW X Series
    • BMW Z4
    • BMW M Series
    • BMW i Range
    • BMW 8 Series


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    We are not only BMW experts, we are German car and Air Conditioning specialists.


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