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Volks Affair are an independent service and repair workshop, providing quality Škoda services in South Melbourne.skoda services, skoda repair, melbourne, volks affair, Škoda service

Having your Škoda serviced at a dealership alternative like Volks Affair is an affordable, reliable way to maintain your vehicle’s performance without voiding your warranty. As a VACC-certified service centre, we use only high quality oils, approved or genuine Skoda spare parts, and the latest industry-approved techniques when servicing your vehicle.

At Volks Affair, we service all Volkswagen Group vehicles, including Škoda hatches and sedans, wagons, SUV and performance vehicles. When you bring your car to our service centre in South Melbourne, we perform a full Škoda service, which includes (but is not limited to) checks on:

●     All Oils and Fluids

○     Brake fluids

○     Battery fluid and electrolyte levels

○     Air-conditioning fluids

●     Air filters

●     Drive belts

●     Air-conditioning Systems

●     Steering and Suspension

●     Safety Components

○     Seatbelts


●     Exhaust Systems

●     Brakes

○     Front

○     Rear

○     Parking

●     Lights

●     Wipers

●     Tyres

○     Tread

○     Pressure


As part of your service, our mechanics will flush and replace all oils and lubricate your locks, hinges and latches. We end every Škoda service with a road test to make sure your vehicle responds to Melbourne’s roads as smoothly and as safely as it should.

Outstanding Skoda Service in Melbourne

Škoda joined the Volkswagen Group in 1991. Six years later, Volks Affair opened as a Volkswagen Group service centre. Specialising as Volkswagen Group car mechanics, South Melbourne’s Volks Affair team have now grown from a one-hoist operation into one of the largest independent service and repair workshops in South Melbourne. For 20 years, Volks Affair have been Melbourne’s trusted Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Škoda and BMW mechanics.

Since 1997, we have worked clovw service, german car, mechanic south melbourne,sely with new and returning clients, giving them reliable, transparent and accountable car services. Before any work is performed, we make sure our clients know what has to be done, why, and how much it will cost. Our commitment to our clients, and to accountability, is what has let us grow into the trusted workshop we are today, servicing Škoda from Brighton to Bendigo.

Like any car, a Škoda needs servicing annually. To book your Škoda in for a service, to discuss repairs or quotes, contact Volks Affair today.

We have the tools, techniques and experience to operate on any of the Volkswagen Group fleet. This includes servicing Skoda automobiles. We operate in line with manufacturer specifications, industry standards and Australian state and federal law. For our other services and repairs, visit our other pages:

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