In April 2018, Audi released an upgrade to the RS4. This week, the team talk about the Audi RS and what we can expect from the 2018 upgrade.  But first, as ever, let’s start with the name.

Audi RS4: What does it mean?

It’d be easy to think that the RS stands for Roadster.  Audi are famous for their roadsters, with the most famous of all being the TT Roadster. A roadster is a zippy, two-door, open-topped vehicle. They are fast, sporty and full of character. The RS4, however, is not a roadster. For one thing, it has four doors!

No, Audi’s RS, like the brand itself, comes from the German. RS stands for RennSport, where “Renn” means “racing”. So the RS models are racing cars? Well, not quite. RS models are designed for speed and power. Other models, such as the A8 or the S8, while powerful, are designed for luxury. Their interiors are full of the latest and most exciting trimmings. Conversely, the RS- series, while still tres luxurious, are powerful beasts. RS models, then, take the tech from Audi’s racing cars, and put them into crossovers, hatchbacks and sedans.  

But what about the 4? Audi numerate their models, more or less, based on size. So the RS4 is smaller than the RS5, which is smaller than the RS6. The RS4 is, in fact, a high performance version of the A4. Since 2012, the RS4 and A4 have been built on the B8 platform. This is the same platform as the Avant station wagon (hence the name).

So, the Audi RS4 Avant is a high performance version of the A4, a station wagon, bigger than the A3 and smaller than the A5.

Shifting Platforms: From B8 to B9

In 2018, the RS4 is shifting platforms, moving from the B8 to the B9. The B8 was a great platform. It is being phased out from 2016 models onwards. Slightly larger than the B7, its wheelbase was lengthened without having to lengthen the overall vehicle, increasing stability. The B9 is slightly larger than the B8, but approximately 120 kg lighter.

The 2018 Audi RS4


How powerful is the RS4? It has a 2.9L biturbo V6 engine. It can produce up to 600 Nm of torque. Remember the Volkswagen Amarok from a few weeks ago, possibly the most powerful ute in Australia? Well, it can produce up to 580 Nm of torque. A V8 Commodore can reach 530 Nm. In terms of acceleration, the 2018 Audi RS4 can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds. The 2018 Audi RS4, then, is pretty powerful.


The RS are marketed around power, not luxury. But they are still Audi, which means they are still incredibly luxurious. To give you an example, the 2018 Audi RS4 doesn’t have plain old front seats. It has pneumatic, multi-modal massage chairs! The interior looks beautiful too: elegant, with leather trim and luminescent lining.


In keeping with its racing past, the RS4 has an 12.3” infotainment display that records G-forces and lap times. The digital instrument cluster behind the steering wheel can toggle through navigation, music, and tyre pressure, in a range of layouts. If you’re like us, though, your mind is still on the massage chairs.

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