The number of Skoda drivers on Australia’s roads has been increasing every year since 2012. With more people driving Skoda models in Melbourne, more are also looking to connect with other Skoda drivers. This week, the Volks Affair blogging team take a look at some of the Skoda clubs in Melbourne.

Why Be A Part of a Skoda Club?

Skoda ownership is much smaller in Australia than Volkswagen, BMW, Audi or Mercedes-Benz. But it is a reliable, good-looking car. As more Australians realise the pleasure and prestige of driving a Skoda, the car is becoming increasingly mainstream. But this does not detract from the Czechoslovakian automobile’s cult following.

skoda service melbourne, skoda repair melbourne, skoda clubVehicle clubs are for enthusiasts, present and future drivers who want to talk in-depth about their current/ dream cars. We’ve written previously about VW clubs and their events, and Skoda clubs, though smaller, are no different. Members meet up, talk about parts, Skoda tuning and service costs.

This week, the team look at three different online clubs dedicated to Australia’s growing Skoda fleet.

Australia’s Skoda Clubs

Skoda Car Club Australia (Facebook page)

The Skoda Car Club Australia started almost a decade ago for Australia’s (then small) Skoda community. Ten years on, it’s still a popular Facebook page, with new posts daily. There, enthusiasts can talk about anything and everything Skoda: parts, service costs, and their favourite Skoda service centres. Skoda Car Club Australia  is a place for enthusiasts to talk, exchange Skoda tips, history and information, and to organise meet-ups and events.

A number of its enthusiasts talk about older Skoda models, made before the company was brought under the Volkswagen umbrella. But equally, there are many newer Skoda models, such as the Octavia and Yeti getting discussed. And as annual Skoda sales continue to climb, it won’t be long until the newer models get more traction on this fan page.skoda autowerks, skoda repair shop, skoda service melbourne

Skoda Australia Official Facebook Page

Skoda Australia have a Facebook page too. It focuses more on vehicle promotion rather than driver-to-driver connection, events and tips, but is still worth Liking if you’re a die-hard Skoda fan. (Forum)

OzSkoda are a dedicated forum website for Australia’s Skoda enthusiasts. The organisation have separate threads for a wealth of Skoda related issues from sourcing Yeti parts to simply spotting Skodas on the streets. Car help threads and an Events section connect Skoda drivers from all over the country to talk, meet up and discuss everything Skoda (including their favourite places to get their Skoda repaired and serviced)!

If you are a member of a Skoda club, be sure to get in touch!