Last August, we wrote about BMW and the Takata airbag recall. But it’s not just BMW that has been affected by the Takata airbag recall. As of early March, over 4 million vehicles in Australia have been recalled, including Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Skoda, Toyota, Holden and more.

Of those 4 million vehicles, 1.7 million have had their airbags replaced. This makes it the largest car recall in Australia’s history. The full sweep of Australia’s car brands have been affected, from Holden to BMW.

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Takata Airbag Recall: a brief history

In 2009, vehicle manufacturers in Australia started a voluntary recall for their vehicles fitted with Takata airbags. Between 2009 and 2017, nine suppliers recalled approximately 2.7 million vehicles with affected airbags.

The recall has been happening since 2009, but reached public attention last year. In April 2017, a woman in Darwin was seriously injured due to the fault. In July, a man in Sydney died as a result of a faulty Takata airbag. Both vehicles were listed in the voluntary recall lists.

In September last year, the ACCC announced a compulsory recall of all vehicles fitted with faulty Takata airbags. They are prioritising vehicles fitted with an earlier Takata airbag, Alpha airbags. These airbags were damaged in manufacture, and present the largest risk.

Age plays a factor too. Airbags older than six years have a higher chance of rupture, so the ACCC is also prioritising older vehicles. The recall is scheduled to be completed by 2020.


The ACCC have released the brands, models and VINs of possibly affected vehicles. Skoda models named in the recall are 2013-2018 makes of: Yeti, Octavia, Kodiaq, Fabia and Superb. If you own one of these vehicles, the ACCC will endeavour to contact you. Victorian owners of these Skoda will have to wait until May-June 2019.

The recall will replace the driver’s side airbag. In the meantime, it is important, as ever, to drive safely, not to panic, and to have your Skoda serviced annually.

Skoda Servicing

Ordinary wear and tear affects your vehicle’s safety. Tyre tread, brake pads and fluids must be kept up to reduce the chances of you losing control of your car. Book your car in as usual for a Skoda service, but remember that we cannot replace your airbags.

Local Mechanics and the Takata Airbag

Local mechanics are not authorised to replace affected airbags.

Skoda Australia have more information on their website. For more information about the airbag recall, visit the ACCC’s guide for drivers, Choice’s report, or watch this video below from The Checkout: