Skoda’s latest model, the Karoq is to be released in June this year.

The Karoq will be a midsize SUV, slightly larger than the Yeti, which it is set to replace. Starting at $30,000, the latest addition the Skoda’s fleet is buzzing with exciting features.

But first, readers of the blog will know how much we like the etymology behind our car names. Karoq is a portmanteau, a combination of two words taken from an Indigenous Alaskan people, the Alutiiq. In this language, Kaa’raq means car, and ruq, arrow, Skoda’s badge and logo.

Skoda have an affinity with Alaska, naming another one of their cars, the Kodiaq, after the Alutiiq word for bear. Watch the company’s Kodiaq video below:

More Driver Assistance Than Ever

It’s hard to read the list of Karoq’s features and not see it as the next step towards driverless cars. The new SUV comes with so many automatic, electronic safety mechanisms designed to steer us into the future. These include:

Front Collision Assist

The Karoq will sense the car in front, warn and potentially even brake to avoid a collision.

Traffic Jam Assist

When stuck in traffic, the Karoq will nudge forward for you.

Manoeuvre Assist

Helping the driver in and out of tight spots, Manoeuvre Assist will gauge the chances of collision with obstacles around you.

Rear Traffic Alert

A Karoq can sense traffic coming from behind, for increased safety when changing lanes.

Park Assist

Karoq owners can let their car enter or exit parallel and perpendicular parks forwards or backwards.

Adaptable Cruise Control

Combining cruise control with their other driver assistance features, your Karoq can alter its cruise control to keep you a safe distance from other cars.

Lane Assist

To keep you in between the lines, Lane Assist is becoming a common, but nevertheless exciting, safety feature.

Travel Assist

Last week, we wrote about Audi’s V2I technology. Travel Assistance is similar — according to Skoda, Karoq cars will be able to read street information, including speed limits, and present them on the driver’s display.

And it’s an SUV

skoda mechanics melbourne, south melbourne skoda repairsThe Karoq will come in front and four-wheel drive, 1 and 1.5L TSL, 1.6 or 2.0L TDI diesel. The five-seater has self parking, blind spot detection and automatic LED headlights. It can tow up to 2 tonnes, making it perfect for towing caravans.

Skoda are making roads into Australia’s automotive fleet. As Skoda mechanics, we are seeing more and more people upgrade to Volkswagen AG’s entry level brand. And it’s no wonder: Skoda are reliable, affordable and beautiful cars, for both drivers and their mechanics!

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