This year, Audi announced their intentions to release a second electric vehicle. Following the e-tron Quattro, scheduled to roll out 2018, the e-tron Sportback will go into production in 2019.

At 1.98m wide, 4.9m long and with a 2.93m wheelbase, the new e-tron Sportback is most closely related to Audi’s current A7 model. Both the A7 and the e-tron Sportback have Audi’s identifiable single-panelled front grille. For combustion models, the front grille helps with engine cooling. Electronic models aren’t as hot as combustion models, so in the e-Tron, the grille is more for aesthetics. And the grille provides an opportunity for Audi to advertise just how futuristic the e-tron Sportback is: it is the perfect backdrop for the model’s light-up badge.



Lights are a key focus for the e-tron Sportback. The electronic car is replacing its standard rear and headlights with digital animations. Audi promises the much clearer, digital rear lights will better emphasise breaking and indicating, while the front headlights will be capable of projecting information on to the road in front.


Cameras are set to replace side mirrors.  Their feeds are then shown on one of the many display panels in the cabin.  Radar sensors, ultrasonic sensors, cameras and laser scanners will also be put in place to beef up the vehicle’s proximal awareness.



Like the e-tron Quattro, the e-tron Sportback will have three electric motors: one on the front wheel axis and two on the back. The all-wheel drive will be able to go from 0 to 100kmph in 4.5 seconds and get between 442 and 500km per charge.
What we can tell so far is that it’s not just the engine that’s gone electric, it’s the entire car. Digital panels fill the cabin. The driver will have one on either side: one for lights and sensors, the “piloted driving system”; and the other for media and navigation. Two more OLED panels in the dash will be for climate control and infotainment.


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