Volks Affair cares about the importance of having your car ready for winter, and can provide a winter check list to ensure that all your cold-proof features are working correctly. It’s vital that heaters, internal electronics and connections work well, so you can be confident that your car will perform at its best under any hazardous condition.


If your car’s windscreen wipers have been idle during the dry weather, they could have deteriorated. As winter approaches, replacing wiper blades will keep your vision crystal clear on cold rainy days when they get a real workout. Volks Affair will check and, if necessary, replace your wipers to ensure they are working correctly.

Drainage points

Autumn leaves and decaying leaf debris can block the drainage points in your car. During a service, Volks Affair guarantees to clear and clean all drainage points – including sun roof runners. Nobody wants a damp car after the first winter rain.


Being in a lovely warm car on a cold winter’s day is one of the nicest feelings, so how would you feel if your heaters weren’t working at all? Pretty icy. That’s why Volks Affair will always check that your heaters are working properly, so your feet will stay dry and warm.

ABS braking

Out of control vehicles on wet and icy roads can cause dangerous accidents. Volks Affair will check that your ABS braking system is working correctly, so that when stopping suddenly on roads in wintry conditions, your car’s brakes will maintain your safety. It’s also a reminder to watch for other vehicles when driving on slippery wet roads. Even though a service by Volks Affair has ensured the safety of your car’s brakes in the winter weather, other cars with faulty brakes can still cause havoc.