Do I need to service my car air conditioning this summer?

Do I need to service my car air conditioning this summer?


Do you ever get the feeling, on a hot summer day, that your car air conditioner isn’t as effective as you need it to be? This is likely because it needs a thorough service. Although a standard car service can sometimes include a basic check of the car air conditioning, it is recommended that you get a regular thorough air conditioning service.


Signs that mean your car air conditioning needs to be serviced

  • Air that doesn’t seem to be cooling
  • Musty odour (may be a sign of bacterial growth in the air vents)
  • Banging and rattling sounds


Does the car service centre need to have licenced technicians?

Yes, if you want your air conditioning to be serviced properly then you should ensure your car service centre has licenced technicians. The Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) ensures its licenced repairers meet strict government standards. Refrigerant gasses are damaging to the environment and qualified and experienced professionals are able to work safely with these gasses.


A car air conditioning system consists of 3 main parts:

  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Evaporator


Electrical wires and other components allow these parts to operate and they all need to be maintained to operate optimally. Parts may need repairing or regassing every 1- 2 years. Even if your aircon doesn’t need regassing it is still advisable that you have it serviced to ensure the belt-driven compressions is transferring the refrigerant to the condenser effectively. A car aircon that isn’t operating effectively will work your engine harder leading to more fuel consumption.


Volks Affair

Volks Affair offers a thorough air conditioning service. A full air conditioning service will:

  • Inspect drive belts and pulleys
  • check the operation of valves and thermostats
  • inspect hoses and components
  • check your refrigerant oil
  • charge the system with refrigerant (if required)
  • check the evaporator temperature
  • check the suction line temperature
  • test for leaks in the lines and components
  • run the vehicle to assess the in-car temperature


Should you wish to have your air conditioner serviced, contact us today!

VW, Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz Heater Problems – Service Tips and Tricks from Melbourne’s specialist car service mechanics

It’s getting colder! We’re using our car heaters more and we imagine you are too. It is the season to stay toasty but what do you do if your heaters are under-performing? At Volks Affair, Melbourne’s German car service specialists, we have written down three common heater problems to keep you warm this winter!


Cool Runnings

The winter weather has arrived, and the last thing you want to think about is your car. But being mindful of the overall condition of your car could save a lot of heartache – and cash – in the long run.


Often overlooked are the windscreen wipers; when it’s sunny and the sky is blue, you may not need to think about them, but on dark stormy days they’re of the utmost importance for safe driving and clear visibility. Deteriorated blades or malfunctioning wipers can leave grubby streaks on the windscreen that will interfere with the driver’s vision, not to mention leaf debris and other nasties that can land on your windshield when you least expect it. The team at Volks Affair will always check and replace, if necessary, your wipers to ensure they are working correctly. Then, when you come to use them for the first time after a really dry spell, you can be sure that the wipers are problem-free.


With cooler temperatures come foggy mornings and rainfall. The winter days are shorter, and the likelihood of having to drive in the dark is higher. Dark mornings are a hazard, that’s why it’s necessary to have your headlights checked. Has a bulb blown? Is the headlight glass in need of a good clean? Could the wattage be a little higher? For all of these reasons, it’s imperative to have the car’s headlights checked and aimed properly for best visibility when you’re driving on those cold and misty mornings and evenings.


Need to make a quick getaway? Misted up windows often take an age to clear, unless you have a rapid demister as one of your car’s features. On any service, Volks Affair will check and repair your car’s demister, so you don’t get caught out when you hop into the car on a freezing day and have to wait for the windows to clear, or worse, have to wipe them down so you can actually see through them. An efficient demister is the only way to ensure optimum visibility, and to watch for slippery conditions.

How to prepare your car for winter

When the cold weather starts moving in, you can come to Volks Affair to get prepared. We’ll take care of every aspect of your vehicle – from cleaning the windows to assessing your tyres and checking the suspension and steering. Our services will give you the peace of mind you need to drive confidently throughout the winter.

Optimising vision

Rain, sleet and grey skies can seriously reduce visibility. For maximum safety and comfort while driving, it’s important to do everything you can to see better. Driving through terrible weather is bad enough – adding dirty windows to the mix is even worse. Here at Volks Affair, we’ll give your windows a clean to end all cleans. Both the inside and outside of the glass will be washed, with meticulous attention to detail.

Assessing your tyres

Driving with bald or worn-out tyres is incredibly dangerous at any time of year. But it’s even more treacherous when winter rolls around, making the roads icy and slippery. The good news is that if you bring your vehicle into Volks Affair before the cold weather hits, we’ll assess your tyres accurately and let you know exactly what state they’re in. If it turns your tyres are ready for changing, we can organise an excellent deal on new ones.

Checking suspension and steering

Responsive steering and optimum suspension levels are also crucial to safety during inclement weather. When there’s a risk of ice, rain or snow, you must feel 100% confident that you’re in control of your vehicle at all times. We’ll give your suspension a thorough and accurate assessment and fix up any problems. We’ll also make sure that your steering column is in good working order.


Would you like to know more about how to best prepare your vehicle for winter? Please get in touch at a time that’s convenient to you.

Cold Matters

Volks Affair cares about the importance of having your car ready for winter, and can provide a winter check list to ensure that all your cold-proof features are working correctly. It’s vital that heaters, internal electronics and connections work well, so you can be confident that your car will perform at its best under any hazardous condition.


If your car’s windscreen wipers have been idle during the dry weather, they could have deteriorated. As winter approaches, replacing wiper blades will keep your vision crystal clear on cold rainy days when they get a real workout. Volks Affair will check and, if necessary, replace your wipers to ensure they are working correctly.

Drainage points

Autumn leaves and decaying leaf debris can block the drainage points in your car. During a service, Volks Affair guarantees to clear and clean all drainage points – including sun roof runners. Nobody wants a damp car after the first winter rain.


Being in a lovely warm car on a cold winter’s day is one of the nicest feelings, so how would you feel if your heaters weren’t working at all? Pretty icy. That’s why Volks Affair will always check that your heaters are working properly, so your feet will stay dry and warm.

ABS braking

Out of control vehicles on wet and icy roads can cause dangerous accidents. Volks Affair will check that your ABS braking system is working correctly, so that when stopping suddenly on roads in wintry conditions, your car’s brakes will maintain your safety. It’s also a reminder to watch for other vehicles when driving on slippery wet roads. Even though a service by Volks Affair has ensured the safety of your car’s brakes in the winter weather, other cars with faulty brakes can still cause havoc.