The winter weather has arrived, and the last thing you want to think about is your car. But being mindful of the overall condition of your car could save a lot of heartache – and cash – in the long run.


Often overlooked are the windscreen wipers; when it’s sunny and the sky is blue, you may not need to think about them, but on dark stormy days they’re of the utmost importance for safe driving and clear visibility. Deteriorated blades or malfunctioning wipers can leave grubby streaks on the windscreen that will interfere with the driver’s vision, not to mention leaf debris and other nasties that can land on your windshield when you least expect it. The team at Volks Affair will always check and replace, if necessary, your wipers to ensure they are working correctly. Then, when you come to use them for the first time after a really dry spell, you can be sure that the wipers are problem-free.


With cooler temperatures come foggy mornings and rainfall. The winter days are shorter, and the likelihood of having to drive in the dark is higher. Dark mornings are a hazard, that’s why it’s necessary to have your headlights checked. Has a bulb blown? Is the headlight glass in need of a good clean? Could the wattage be a little higher? For all of these reasons, it’s imperative to have the car’s headlights checked and aimed properly for best visibility when you’re driving on those cold and misty mornings and evenings.


Need to make a quick getaway? Misted up windows often take an age to clear, unless you have a rapid demister as one of your car’s features. On any service, Volks Affair will check and repair your car’s demister, so you don’t get caught out when you hop into the car on a freezing day and have to wait for the windows to clear, or worse, have to wipe them down so you can actually see through them. An efficient demister is the only way to ensure optimum visibility, and to watch for slippery conditions.