Do you ever get the feeling, on a hot summer day, that your car air conditioner isn’t as effective as you need it to be? This is likely because it needs a thorough service. Although a standard car service can sometimes include a basic check of the car air conditioning, it is recommended that you get a regular thorough air conditioning service.


Signs that mean your car air conditioning needs to be serviced

  • Air that doesn’t seem to be cooling
  • Musty odour (may be a sign of bacterial growth in the air vents)
  • Banging and rattling sounds


Does the car service centre need to have licenced technicians?

Yes, if you want your air conditioning to be serviced properly then you should ensure your car service centre has licenced technicians. The Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) ensures its licenced repairers meet strict government standards. Refrigerant gasses are damaging to the environment and qualified and experienced professionals are able to work safely with these gasses.


A car air conditioning system consists of 3 main parts:

  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Evaporator


Electrical wires and other components allow these parts to operate and they all need to be maintained to operate optimally. Parts may need repairing or regassing every 1- 2 years. Even if your aircon doesn’t need regassing it is still advisable that you have it serviced to ensure the belt-driven compressions is transferring the refrigerant to the condenser effectively. A car aircon that isn’t operating effectively will work your engine harder leading to more fuel consumption.


Volks Affair

Volks Affair offers a thorough air conditioning service. A full air conditioning service will:

  • Inspect drive belts and pulleys
  • check the operation of valves and thermostats
  • inspect hoses and components
  • check your refrigerant oil
  • charge the system with refrigerant (if required)
  • check the evaporator temperature
  • check the suction line temperature
  • test for leaks in the lines and components
  • run the vehicle to assess the in-car temperature


Should you wish to have your air conditioner serviced, contact us today!