Easter is a great time for a road trip.

Many Melbournians love to hit the road and explore with the family over Easter. In all the hustle and bustle of preparations, it can be easy to forget about the car.

If you suffer engine trouble over your Easter break, you could end up spending hours waiting for roadside assist rather than enjoying your getaway.  With so many drivers on the road, it’s likely that the wait times for help to arrive will be longer than usual.

You could be waiting for roadside assistance from your insurance. Or you’ve enlisted a family member or a friend to arrive with help. Either way, whoever is coming to rescue you will be navigating the same busy Easter roads as everyone else. The wait time could be hours.

Don’t risk it.

Contact us today to book a service before Easter. That way, if any repairs are needed you can authorise them before your holiday. You’ll also enjoy peace of mind knowing that everything in your car has been checked by an expert mechanic.

Contact us to book a repair service today and enjoy your Easter break!