If you have purchased a German car brand, then chances are you did so because of the reputation for superior engineering and reliability. However, with the superb engineering and in-car systems in a new German car come very specialised servicing. This is why it is essential that you bring your new vehicle to a specialist.
A brand new car will also require log book servicing in order to maintain your warranty. Make sure your vehicle is taken to a mechanic that will follow the manufacturer’s servicing schedule, otherwise you could void your warranty. This also applies to parts that are used on your car – if your mechanic uses unapproved parts then you might not be covered by your warranty should problems arise.
Using a specialised service means that the correct diagnostic equipment is used on your car – making sure that even minor problems are diagnosed and fixed. Log book servicing doesn’t have to be done at the dealer where you purchased the vehicle; simply make sure that your mechanic is an authorised service centre for your particular model.
If you have just purchased a new Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz or Audi then you will have to make sure you are following the correct servicing schedule. This is so you keep your new vehicle running perfectly and to make sure you are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. There are different types of servicing available from different mechanics for your vehicle, which range from a basic service through to a full service, including changing oil and performing checks on much of the vehicle and engine.
However, a full manufacturers scheduled service is very different for each type of car. A full scheduled service for a BMW will not be the same as a Volkswagen, and so with a specialist working on your car you know that you are getting the best service possible for your German car – no matter what make and model it is.