The Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) has over 5,000 members and accredit over 50,000 automotive repairers, service people, retailers and mechanics in Melbourne and throughout Victoria. At Volks Affair, we encourage clients only to use VACC member service centres. As one of VACC’s members in Melbourne, we know first-hand the benefits of being a part of this industry body.

VACC for Melbourne Mechanics

VACC is more than just a motor vehicle repair industry authority, and membership is more than just appearing on its website. VACC-approved mechanics are held to higher industry standards. Its members get access to industry updates, including changes in technology, regulation and best practice. Members, like Volks Affair, have access to the largest automotive technical library in the Southern Hemisphere, with a wealth of online technical information relating to technical repair and service information. VACC members are also regularly offered the opportunity to attend training and re-training programs. As VACC members, Volks Affair are expertly placed to service your German prestige vehicle.


VACC representatives comply with equipment standards and repair standards. Dispute resolution services are included, as well as certain kinds of business insurance. VACC membership, then, benefits not only its members but our clients as well.


VACC for Melbourne Consumers

Car owners are encouraged to visit the VACC website. There, they will find a wide range of advice on where to take their vehicles as well as information on their rights as consumers. For example, the Chamber recommends car owners follow the following when choosing a service centre:


  • Ask around locally for reputable service centres. (Volks Affair have been operating in South Melbourne for over twenty years.)
  • Ask for a quote and an explanation of the expenses. (Our service representatives are committed to transparency, they’ll sit with you to make sure you understand every procedure we recommend.)
  • Pick a service centre you trust — make sure it’s somewhere you feel comfortable leaving your car.
  • Check with your insurer and your policy. (We use only genuine or manufacturer-approved spare parts to protect your warranty.)
  • Don’t feel coerced — you have the right to choose who does what to your car
  • Insist with your insurer on your own preferred service centre
  • If you have a prestige car, have it serviced at a specialist centre. (At Volks Affair, we have the tools, experience and know-how for specialised Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes-Benz or BMW services and repairs.)

Why Choose Us?

When you choose a service centre for your prestige German car, make sure you choose one with VACC membership. Melbourne service centres and dealership alternatives with VACC memberships are better resourced, backed and recommended for all your automotive needs.


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