Volkswagen announced that they will be updating their logo next year. How it will change is a mystery: the company is remaining tight-lipped. What we know so far is that the badge will look “as good on a smartphone as it does on a car”.

Volkswagen are focusing more on electric vehicles — the brand want to have an electric version of their entire fleet by 2030. We imagine that the new logo is being designed to reflect VW’s electric future.

Volkswagen 2019

The new logo is to be released in 2019. This marks a big year for the company. To meet their electric plans — the company aim to have 3 million electric models on the road by 2025 — the company have to seriously start producing.

To that end, Volkswagen Automotive Group CEO, Matthias Müller, has announced plans to release an electric model of a VW Group vehicle ‘virtually every monthfrom 2019. Next year, five of the new electric models will be from Volkswagen’s own brand, kicking off the new, electric ID series. Other models will be from brands under the Volkswagen umbrella, which includes Porsche, Bugatti, Audi and Skoda.

New Logo Hints: ID Buzz


When VW announced the electric camper, ID Buzz, they may have given a little bit away about their new logo design. Set for release in 2022, ID Buzz will have an illuminated badge.  ID Buzz, electric volkswagen, vw service melbourne

The ID Series

Volkswagen are planning to release five ID models next year as the company’s major push into the electric vehicle market. One is set to be the ID Crozz, an electric SUV, to be available from November.

VW ID Crozz, volks affair, volkswagen service centre melbourne

We will have to wait until 2022 for the ID Buzz. Of the ID series, so far VW have announced plans for the ID Buzz, ID Crozz, ID Vizzion, ID Lounge, ID Aero and ID R. Their release dates are yet to be confirmed. But we do know that the ID Crozz may be out as early as next November, and the ID Buzz in 2022.

Logo Updates

VW’s electric range is pushing the company in a different direction, so it makes sense that they would want to acknowledge the change with an updated badge. It isn’t the first time VW updated their badge, and we’re sure it won’t be their last.

The company has even produced limited edition badges. When producing VW in Australia, the company released special Aussie markers. Early models, and early 1960s Beetles, had a second badge, the Wolfsburg Crest, in a nod to the town that started it all. Current VWs have the Wolfsburg Crest as the steering wheel emblem.

volkswagen logo, volkswagen repair, wolfsberg crest

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