As the weather starts to heat up, a number of our clients come in asking to have their cars air conditioning regassed. When they first bought their car, they tell us, its air conditioning was positively Antarctic. Now, it is more like the desert wind after which their VW was named.

Volks Affair are auto service mechanics in Melbourne registered with the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC). The ARC tick means that we are trained experts in car air con — we have the tools, techniques and experience to perform air conditioning repairs on Melbourne’s Volkswagen Group vehicles. As such, we are specially placed to service and repair prestige German car air conditioning.

Rather than immediately jumping to an air conditioning regas, we have to identify and fix all air conditioning problems, of which a lack of refrigerant is but one. It is illegal to top up refigerant if a leak has been identified and not repaired.This week, our team talk you through a Volks Affair air conditioning service.

Air Conditioning Services At Melbourne’s Prestige German Car Service Centre

When you have your vehicle’s air conditioning serviced at Volks Affair, we will, of course, check the refrigerant levels to establish whether your prestige German car (or Skoda)’s air conditioning requires a regas. And if it does, we will top up your refrigerant. But this is only one of the many reasons your air conditioning may no longer be performing at its best. Damaged lines, blocked vents, faulty valves, and worn hoses will all contribute to your air con’s inefficiency. During a Volks Affair air con service, we will also check:

  • Drive belts and pulleys
  • Valves
  • Thermostats
  • Hoses and components for leaks or damage
  • Evaporation temperature
  • Suction line temperature
  • Leaks
  • In-cabin air conditioning effectiveness

If your air conditioning is no longer performing at its best, it may be a symptom of a larger engine issue, or it could simply mean that your hoses have filled up with dust, crud and dirt. An ARC-qualified mechanic will be able to identify and address the issue efficiently, professionally and accurately.

If your air conditioning unit is not losing excessive refrigerant, a regas will not solve your problem. And if it is, regassing your air con will only be a temporary solution. An air conditioning service from an ARC-approved mechanic will save you time and frustration, but more than that, only ARC-licensed mechanics are legally allowed to handle, replace and dispose of automobile refrigerant.

Trust Your Air Con Regas to the Experts

Since 2005, anybody handling air conditioning refrigerant must hold a licence with the ARC.

To cut down on the amount of fluorocarbons escaping into the environment, the Australian Government made it illegal to dispose of air conditioning refrigerant without a licence in the late 1980s and in 2005, the ARC licensing scheme was introduced. Since then, only licenced mechanics have been allowed to collect vehicle air con refrigerant and dispose of it properly. Before regassing your car’s air con, an ARC-licensed mechanic must check for leaks.

It is now illegal to regas your air con without first fixing any system leaks. Most vehicles’ air con runs on fluorocarbon refrigerant, an effect air con refrigerant but damaging to the Ozone. According to the ARC, 1kg of leaked refrigerant contributes to the environment 2 tonnes of carbon monoxide — the equivalent of a family sedan running for six months.

ARC Tick: What it Means

ARC licences show that the mechanic providing your air conditioning service is formally trained, with strong knowledge of their environmental responsibilities, and with demonstrated experience in safely replacing coolant.

Remember, it is illegal for anyone other than an ARC-licensed mechanic to dispose of or replace your air conditioning refrigerant. Having your vehicle’s air conditioning serviced regularly by a licensed mechanic, then, is not only financially expedient or environmentally conscious, it is also recommended by law.

Contact Volks Affair for Car Air Conditioning Services in Melbourne

Volks Affair are ARC-licensed mechanics in South Melbourne. We specialise in Volkswagen Group vehicles: BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Skoda, Audi and Volkswagen. For all your prestige German car and auto air con services, contact us today. For more information, visit our service pages —  Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Skoda, Audi, Volkswagen and Air Conditioning Services — or contact us today.

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